Five times the winner of Ballon D’or said that he would like to see Neymar play. He actually want to see him on the field, practising and scoring goals.
Ronaldo is worried about him being injuried often.
“I worry because I like to see the boy playing. Regardless of where he plays, [it is important he] takes care of himself and has no injuries. That’s what I want for him,” said Ronaldo.
He also talked about Neymar future. Ronaldo said that Neymar will stay at PSG.
“I don’t know. He is a great player, and I get on well with him. We have worked together recently (for advertising campaigns). But there is a lot of talk about him for (Real) Madrid, Barcelona and Juve. It is the press job because they need to sell, but I think he will stay in Paris. If not, he will go where he is happy and where he can express his football a lot” said Ronaldo.

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