Paul Pogba has previously spoken of finding “a new challenge” while his agent has said the France international wants to leave Manchester United.

Schweinsteiger played alongside Pogba during his two years at United.

Bastian said: “If a player wants to leave the club, you should not stop him”.

Former Germany captain Schweinsteiger, added: “You need players who are 100% into the club and care about the club, that’s the only way you can survive at the top level and have success.

“Paul is a great player, he is just looking for a team where he can play the same style that he does with the France national team, so if you give him that kind of team around him, he would be happy at Manchester United.”

He also said:
“I’m glad they have re-started their team and the way they play. It’s about time because United is a huge club with amazing supporters and they have players in the squad who can really be dangerous.

“They should play a nice way of football and I really hope that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer lets the team play to their abilities and as far as I can see, he has done a good job.

“I would really like to see them win [the Premier League].”

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