Zidane was asked about Bale, specifically about the reports that the Welshman was playing golf in Madrid while Los Blancos were losing to Spurs in the Audi Cup in Tuesday. He smile while he answered question about him.
“You’re telling me about something that I’m sure has happened,” he said at the conference after Los Blancos defeated Fenerbahce 5 – 3.
“I hope he has been training there.”
“We will se when we get back to Madrid, we’ll see what he has been doing.”
“He stayed to train and I believe he has been doing so.”
Zinedine Zidane was interested to talk about Los Blancos’ win, their first win of pre-season.
“Our plan was to change something, because we needed to,” said Zidane.
We’ve tried a 4-4-2, but in reality is a 4-4-1-1 with some space for Isco or for Hazard.
“I’m sure we are going to have a good season. I am with my players, and I don’t like the fact that with Fenerbahce we conceded three goals, butt we will improve.”
Zidane also was asked about other player, specially for Lunin, Kubo and Mariano, but he insisted that their situations will be analysed back in Madrid.

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